Currently in first Alpha

What we want to do?

Our goal is to propose CI/CD as a service and a fully managed kubernetes cluster with a competitive SLA.


Everything you should know

The managed CI/CD offer is based on the OVH product CDS. It is currently under modification to become PCI DSS standard compliant.

The freedom for our customers is a pillar of our services. To do this you can connect multiple sources of git (gitlab, gerrit, bitbucket, gitlab ..) and deploy your own applications. On your infrastructure, on our kubernetes platform and also on your favorite cloud provider.

The infrastructure we offer trough the Kubernetes platform, is a highly available container hosting service to give you reliable and resilient solutions.
Thanks to the incident management, including alerting and on-call. We provide you good SLA solutions on production environments.

Our infrastructure preproduction environment can be used for testing your application software in a production-like environment, to test your features or your integration. This environment is cheaper than production one, but has a Best Effort SLA.

We do

  • CDSaaS

    Enhance and boost your software and infrastructure deployments thanks to our CI/CD as a service offer.

    As soon as you commited on git, your application is built, tested, and deployed (manually or automatically).

    By using our service, take the advantage of being followed-up by our team to advise you on the DevOps best practices.

  • K8SaaS

    Make the choice to deploy your applications on our fully-managed kubernetes platform.

    Scalable up to 5 thousand servers, you can easily increase your ressources to follow your growth.

    Because we are convinced that the hosted applications are highly critical, we design our infrastructures with a SLA, incident management, a critical monitoring and a on-call team to ensure the service is up all the time.

  • Consulting

    Develop your team skills inside your structure by asking us to be on-site, for lectures or advises on infrastructure, DevOps (CI/CD, Kubernetes, docker best practices), and SRE (How to build infrastructures) subjects.

    Can be done both in french or in english languages. Contact us to discuss the price (depending on your location).

Contact Us

To become an alpha tester or if you wants further information.